Inline skates can be fun, but like most wheeled contraptions, they’re even better when motorized. With just such a goal in mind, [The Real Life Guys] decided to whip up a set of powered skates, running on Makita power!

To get power to the ground, the third wheel on each skate is modified to have a sprocket attached. A Makita drill is then fitted to the skate, transferring power to the wheel through a 90-degree gearbox and a chain drive. The drill is controlled by removing the trigger from the shell and hooking it up with an extended cable.

It’s a lairy setup that probably takes serious practice to use effectively, but does allow for fancy tricks like differential steering if you really want to show off. It’s a great example of using a powerdrill as an all-inclusive motion setup, with the battery, motor and drivetrain already integrated in a neat, tidy package. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a powered set of ‘skates, either! Video after the break.

This reminded me of a project that Steve Ciarcia wrote way back in 1981 about building a powered base using electric screwdrivers. There is an idea for Hack a Day are story on Steve Ciarcia and his Column in Byte followed by him starting his own magazine that is still around today Circuit Cellar

I want to know more about the copy machine that was used to make the second skate. Is it available on Amazon?

Careful with that, author crawled into it by accident and look at the results at the end of the video.

80mm Wheel Speed Slalom Skate

I have been thinking about building something like this but with inhub motors and having the batteries and motor controllers in pack hanging off the back of the skates.

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