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Whether you’ve been married one year or 20, it’s always a good idea to mark your wedding anniversary with a gift for your spouse. But no matter how long you’ve been together, it can be hard to come up with new ideas each year. To help you out, we’ve combed through the most beloved products in the Strategist archive to find ones that would make great anniversary gifts for husbands, wives, or, if you’re feeling very generous, a special couple in your life. If you’re sticking to traditional anniversary-gift guidelines (like paper gifts for the first anniversary, gold for the fiftieth etc.), we’ve got ideas for one-year (paper), two-year (cotton), three-year (leather), four-year (fruit and flowers), five-year (wood), seven-year (wool or copper), 10-year (tin or aluminum), 20-year (porcelain), 25-year (silver), and 50-year (gold) anniversaries, and will be creating specific guides for other years, too.

It might be time for a bedding upgrade if you’re still sleeping on the same sheets you got from your wedding registry. Michael Shome, director of photography at Architectural Digest, calls Frette sheets “the fantasy version of Upper East Side hotel-bed linens” and recommends this set for its “chic and simple double-line embroidery.”

If the Frette sheets are a little out of your budget, Strategist junior writer Chloe Anello thinks this set is a convincing dupe at a fraction of the price. After testing both, she admits, “I actually slept better on the less expensive version.”

There are lots of linen sheets out there, but we’re especially impressed with the color range offered by Australian brand Cultiver. As we wrote when testing them out, “It’s one thing to sell purple linen sheets and another thing entirely to sell a berry-stained color that could somehow pass as a very interesting neutral.”

You might think linen sheets are scratchy, but Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens assured us this set from Casper has “the kind of softness you really only get from a well-loved T-shirt.”

We love the idea of hanging matching monogrammed towels in the bathroom, and these minimal ones from Weezie are a little bit playful. According to interior designer Ariel Okin, they’re “really soft and have a classic look to them that ties the bathroom together really nicely.” Order them with your initials or your private nicknames (up to ten characters).

When it’s cold out, throw your monogrammed towel in this warmer pre-shower to bundle up in afterward. It comes recommended by writer Michelle Markowitz, who says, “Putting on a freshly warm towel straight from this towel warmer feels like receiving the best hug of your entire life, like the sensation of being wrapped up by your mother in a sunbaked towel right after climbing out of the pool.”

Treat your partner to this skin-softening body scrub that’s a favorite among Amazon reviewers. One satisfied customer writes, “I look smooth, healthy, and glowing from my neck, shoulders, and chest to my hands, elbows, and feet.”

Ming Thompson, an architect and principal at the design firm Atelier Cho Thompson, says this “reproduction of the classic mid-century IBM clock” is a must-buy for a first home that’d look equally good in a home office or living room.

Multiple Strategist editors own (and love) Noguchi lantern-style lamps. Senior editor Simone Kitchens says hers “creates this cozy, glowy living-room feel,” and associate editor Katy Schneider recently bought a hanging version that she says “casts the loveliest, most diffuse light and looks very pretty and simple.”

We like storage baskets for corralling throw blankets, spare towels, and even kids’ toys. The handles on this sturdy model make it useful for toting laundry around as well.

For a fun twist on the traditional 15th-anniversary gift — crystal — opt for a set of crystal-salt night-lights instead of a pricey glass vase. Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno has one and says, “The salt crystal is surprisingly formidable and casts a nice pink-orange glow when on.”

A subtle hint for the spouse always looking for their keys, this catchall tray would be perfect for a nightstand or entryway.

It may be predictable, but there’s still something nice about receiving a colorful bouquet of flowers on your anniversary. We tested out six flower-delivery start-ups and named UrbanStems “our absolute favorite” because of its “reasonable prices and unique arrangements.”

For something longer-lasting, Strategist associate editor Katy Schneider likes this faux single-stem anthurium.

Whether your spouse has a green thumb or not, they can enjoy this colorful calathea we deemed the best overall plant to give as a gift — it’s impressive-looking but not too hard to keep alive.

It’s definitely expensive, but this ceiling fan with hand-carved balsa-wood blades (which we dubbed the “Prius of ceiling fans”) will pay off in the long run, since it’ll only set you back $5 a year in energy costs. And it’s pleasant to look at.

Cuddle under this affordable flannel blanket to stay warm on cold days. We said this very similar one adds “Catskills-cabin realness” to any room.

You can also curl up under this faux-fur throw that experts say is the best one to gift. Decorist creative director Jessica McCarthy says it adds “instant warmth and elegance in any space.”

These days, any handwritten letter feels special, even more so when it arrives on personalized stationery. Sarah Schwartz, editor-in-chief of Stationery Trends magazine and editor at the Paper Chronicles told us this set from Rifle Paper Co. with a custom-illustrated portrait is “probably the coolest thing you can possibly get.” Buy it for your partner who’s into snail mail, or personalize a couples’ set for shared correspondence.

For keeping track of events, date nights, and even next year’s anniversary, this handsome wall calendar will work with pretty much any design style. Stephanie Michaan, a New York–based interior designer and founder of The Interior, told us she likes Appointed styles because they’re “minimal and functional.”

You’ve mastered the KitchenAid stand mixer and the Instant Pot, so why not give sous vide cooking a try? Alan Sytsma of Grub Street tested the two leading models for home cooks and crowned the Joule the winner because, compared with the competition, “it’s a lot smaller and sleeker, and the app is filled with very solid recipes and videos that show you how to do everything.”

Make a cozy anniversary-morning breakfast in bed with this petite waffle iron that won over Grub Street writer Nikita Richardson. “No matter how much I worried that I would overfill the iron,” she says, “the Dash just kept spitting out tea-plate-size waffles that were perfectly browned and fluffy.”

Also in the mini-kitchen-gear genre, this tiny cast-iron French oven is the “perfect two-person pot,” according to Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder. She uses it to make everything from oatmeal and quinoa to kimchee stew and braised chicken thighs.

Skip the movie theater and make “artisanal” popcorn at home with this fancy stove-top popper. Writer Hannah Morrill says it produces “the lightest, fluffiest, most fully realized popcorn pillows imaginable.”

In the U.K., the traditional gift for an eighth anniversary is salt, which seems boring until you consider this chef-beloved fancy French sea salt. Jen Pelka, owner of the Riddler in San Francisco, told us, “It’s collected by hand from the surface of the water in the Esprit du Sel bays, then dried in the sun. Even by itself on popcorn with warm butter and nothing else, it’s perfect.”

Chances are, the high-maintenance formal china gifted from your registry is collecting dust on the shelves. Give yourself a break with these pretty dishes that are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. When we investigated status ceramic dishware, we found out that trendy Butler Bake Shop and Espresso Bar in South Williamsburg uses a similar Crate and Barrel set.

Also consider swapping out those fragile long-stem wineglasses for this more durable set recommended by Strategist writer David Notis. He tells us, “They look nice, they can be repurposed for whiskey or mixed drinks, and they’re cheap enough that it’s not a huge deal if someone breaks one.”

If you’re getting bored with your basic flatware, we suggest mixing it up with this bamboo-handled set. Designer Shelley Johnstone says, “It’s a natural fit for outdoor entertaining, but it also looks beautiful paired with formal china and crystal in a dining-room setting.”

Or maybe these wood-handled ones (which writer Lauren Levy considered for her wedding registry) are more your style.

Available in soft pastels, earth-toned neutral, and deep jewel tones, these linen place mats (from Strategist-approved brand Hawkins New York) add relaxed elegance to your tablescape.

Also pick up a linen tablecloth in a complementary shade from bedding start-up Parachute. While other brands are hopping on the linen trend, we like that Parachute offers “a few linen things for the home that other like-minded bedding start-ups don’t.”

For the couple looking to be a little more sustainable, share a set of these stainless-steel straws to cut down on plastic waste. Fun fact: Steel is a traditional 11th-anniversary gift.

Enjoy a nice bottle of wine from the year you got married, chilled to perfection in this elegant glass bottle cooler.

This unisex jacket earned a spot on our list of the best raincoats for men and women. Travel blogger and photographer Renee Hahnel says, “The Scandinavian design will make you feel stylish even in an unglamorous downpour.” Buy one for each other to enjoy rainy-day adventures together.

We’ve named these cozy wool slippers both the best pair to wear and the best to gift. “They’re comfortable for walking around, and the wool feels warm, soft, and not at all itchy,” according to Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson. “They hug your foot and mold to your shape the more you wear them.”

If you want to go the jewelry route, these Ted Muehling earrings are an offbeat classic. Writer and illustrator Joana Avillez, who bought a pair for her mom, says that with this gift, “you are telling your loved one that you appreciate their appreciation for form and beauty and craft. You are in fact complimenting their brain.”

A quality watch for your partner doesn’t have to be a huge investment, according to James Stacey, watch expert and senior writer at Hodinkee, whom we consulted to find the best men’s watches under $200. Of this Timex, he says, “You’re getting a classic style that plays into Timex’s history as an original manufacturer in the States, but you’re also getting a proper mechanical hand-wound movement, which is typically not accessible at this price.”

A few minutes in this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner — the best-rated one on Amazon — will keep engagement rings, wedding bands, and any other jewelry you’ve gifted over the years sparkling.

Instead of arguing over whose turn it is to vacuum, let this robot vac do the work. It’s a favorite among Amazon shoppers, with one reviewer writing, “With three cats and two kids, there are always messes, but this thing can keep up with it and more.”

We said this retro gaming system would be a great gift for boyfriends or husbands, and we think it’d be equally fun to play as a couple.

If your snoring keeps your partner up at night, the least you can do is gift them this white-noise machine (which Strategist editor Alexis Swerdloff swears by) to drown out the noise.

Does your spouse miss your puppy all day at work? Are you hesitant to travel because you don’t want to leave the cat all alone? Solve all those pet-parent problems with this “interactive Wi-Fi camera that lets you watch, talk to, and play with your pets throughout the day via your smartphone,” recommended by writer Alison Freer.

A favorite of professional Instagrammers, this digital camera is perfect for vacation snaps, couple selfies, and, yes, pet pictures.

Upgrade your Netflix binge sessions with this 4K TV, one of the best models under $1,000, according to experts.

Couples who are always on the go will appreciate this carry-on-size bag that can be either rolled or carried by its handles. As we wrote in our roundup of the best duffel bags, “Leather accents dress up this wheeled bag, but water-resistant fabric and several interior and exterior pockets make it functional.”

If you’re heading off on an international trip to celebrate your anniversary — or just want to get better sleep at home — buy a two-pack of these affordable (and effective!) eye masks. Writer Georgia Clark says they “deliver total darkness, superior comfort, and customizable straps.”

Whether you’re looking for vacation inspiration or just want to take a peek into ecofriendly aspirational homes, our editors say this coffee-table book offers “the most creative examples of sustainable dwellings that span some of the most striking and remote locations across the globe.”

Spend a romantic evening stargazing with this entry-level telescope astronomers say is perfect for beginners. “It’s not too big to carry around and still gives a good view of the moon and planets,” says Mary Odekon, an astrophysicist and professor of physics at Skidmore College.

If you like to spend your weekends hitting the trails, this hiking backpack comes highly recommended by writer Steven John. “The straps are supportive, the materials are water resistant, and the pack keeps the weight near your center of gravity, making long hikes easier,” he says, adding that it can hold enough gear for a two-night trek.

To bring a little one along, too, Steven John likes this hiking baby carrier. He says it’s comfortable to wear and features a trusty “five-point safety harness that keeps a little body securely in place.”

Matching Chaco Z/1 sandals will come in handy if your journey takes you on wet paths or through streams. When we polled outdoorsy folk about their favorite hiking sandals, these were a universal favorite among men and women.

And for skiing or snowboarding together, this jacket with an outer shell and insulated inner layer (which can be worn together or separately) comes in both men’s and women’s versions and is one of the best styles for beginners, according to ski instructors.

If you prefer indoor activities, try a two-player board game like Patchwork, which Greg May, owner of the Uncommons and Hex & Company, calls “the perfect game for couples.” While it’s easy to learn how to play, experts say there’s enough “subtle strategy” to keep things exciting.

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A spouse who follows any “plantfluencers” on Instagram will be very impressed with this status watering can. Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal says it’s “very famous in the horticulture community for the brass rose, which is the thing that goes on in front of the spout. When used correctly, that can simulate a very gentle rain, which is great if you’re starting seedlings.” Our own David Notis says it’s “a bit of a secret handshake” among houseplant insiders — and a favorite of Martha Stewart herself.

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Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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